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Republic Chemical is a full service provider of metal finishing chemicals and offers waste treatment products, die etch chemicals and cooling tower inhibitors. Republic Chemical also provides Chrome-Free systems as a distributor of BCIs' E-Clps System. This pretreatment system is the most advanced Chrome-Free aluminum treatment available today. It provides the maximum paint adhesion and corrosion resistance required for today's demanding applications. This Chrome-Free System passes the most demanding AAMA specifications. Republic Chemical can assist not only in the conversion of an existing chrome line but offer complete help in designing a turn-key start-up system.

In today's business world just supplying products is not enough. Republic Chemical has been and always will be a leader in providing our customers the highest level of service in the industry. We consider ourselves partners with our customers, working with them to develop a system that provides high quality pretreatment at an economical price.
Regular plant visits are made to monitor system performance, plan routine maintenance tasks, suggest cost reduction projects and oversee product inventory.

Republic Chemical offers further technological assistance to ensure the following:

  • Process Control
  • Instant System Documentation
  • Informed Management
  • Quality Assurance

With the advent of sophisticated process controllers and P.C.-based data acquisition computer systems, the opportunity has arisen for what we refer to as "Total Process Management Systems." This type of system provides a reliable, detailed means of collecting, monitoring and alarming parts washer process data. Built-in flexibility ensures the system can incorporate such control aspects as waste treatment, on-line documentation, inventory reporting and remote control access.






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