was founded in 1980 as a supplier of high performance pretreatment chemicals to the metal finishing industry. For over 20 years we have been the primary supplier to many of the largest aluminum extrusion finishers with our line of premium conversion coatings. Republic Chemical began as and continues to be, a value added partner with our customers, providing the latest in high tech chemical bath control equipment and documented service call reports. Additionally we provide quality control testing, formal and informal plant personnel training and cost reduction planning.

Today, Republic Chemical has expanded not only our line of products beyond our traditional line of metal finishing systems, but also our sales coverage. We now ship outside our borders, including Canada and the Far East. Our chemical line has expanded to include the Food and Beverage Industry, Commodity Chemicals and Resin Removing Solvents. Also, Republic Chemical can supply its customers with the latest in environmentally friendly Chrome-Free Pretreatment, i.e. E-Clps System, through our professional partnership with BCI.





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